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Visas and Work Permits
Refugees and Asylum

About IASF

IASF stands for Immigration Assistance Service Finland. IASF was founded by a group of immigration lawyers with a proven track record in successful immigration cases.

In short, we help our clients in obtaining necessary visas and permits for staying in Finland.

Visas and Work Permits

There are several factors which decide your eligibility for a Finnish work permit. This includes:

  • Your country of origin / citizenship
  • Duration of your planned stay in Finland
  • Type of work you wish to pursue (employment, self-employment)
  • Special skills
  • Type or organization you will be working for (for-profit or non-profit)

How to Obtain a Work Permit for Finland

For those requiring a residence permit to work in Finland, a relevant application must usually be submitted abroad before entering the country. Applications can be submitted to Finnish missions (embassies and consulates) abroad. Applications are processed by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). Depending on the type of application submitted, certain attachments must be included in the application. Applicants must also submit a fee for the processing of the application. You can visit the official website of the Finnish Immigration Service here.

Unsure on the Type of Work Permit You Need?

If you are unsure on the type of work permit you need, or if you have any other questions regarding visas or work permits, don’t hesitate to contact our lawyers for a consultation.


Asylum in Finland

If you are being persecuted in your country, you may be eligible for international protection in Finland. Most asylum seekers in Finland are also entitled to free legal aid. This means that a lawyer can assist the asylum seeker in his/her application for international protection.

In short, the process for applying for refugee status in Finland generally goes as follows:

  • The applicant informs the police of his intention of seeking international protection in Finland
  • The police arrange a short interview for the applicant regarding his application
  • The Immigration Service conducts a longer interview regarding the applicant’s reasons for seeking international protection
  • A refugee status is granted or denied by the Immigration Service
  • If refugee status is denied, the applicant may submit an appeal to an administrative court through his lawyer

How to Apply for Asylum / Refugee Status in Finland

Most refugees are entitled to free legal aid¬†while in Finland. If you need any legal help during your application process, don’t hesitate to contact our ¬†immigration lawyers. In addition to Finnish and English, our office workers also speak Arabic and Kurdish. We can also arrange translators for other languages.